Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coupl'a Things IX

1) The most logical and reasonable assessment of the ACORN voter registration controversy I have read. Mr. Abouhalkah is frequently all over the map regarding his views on things and I find myself frequently disagreeing with him. But he is spot on, with this. ACORN is not a threat to democracy, it is ensuring that not just the rich and privileged get to vote.

Acorn vs McCain: They Both Lost

2) Is there really a deep recession going on? I have no doubt there will be, as the last time the Republicans got involved as long as they have, we had a great depression. But for now... I am not so sure. I went to a restaurant last night with Greg and Sue. Place was packed. I am trying to get some contractors to do some work at the building, they say they are too busy or the job is too small for them to do right now. Construction must be good. The grocery store is packed, even though the prices rise and rise.

It may be coming, my Grandmother predicted in 1972 it was coming, and she was rarely wrong. But for now, all seems well... or we have our heads in the sand.

3)Damn it turn the heat up outside. I am not ready for the cold.

4) Last weekend I went to St Louis to hear the St Louis Symphony as I reported. What I didn't mention was that getting there was a mess. I rented a car from Hertz as the agency is just a short distance from me, a 10 min bus ride. But Sat AM there was a marathon race and an Obama rally right after in the same area. Roads blocked, busses not running or re-routed. Took me an hour to get there and the office was closed. Lucky the agent realized what was going on and he stayed to see if I would come. I was so happy, he even upgraded my car so I had a brand new Town Car for the trip. Thankfully no glowing Korean built machine this time!

Customer service is not all lost.

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Anonymous said...

Evidence of a recession is in the want ads (there are none!). And 2 million people have lost their job in the past year. That's astounding.

The next round will involve staggering inflation after the government gets through printing money to reimburse the bankers and Wall Street crooks.

The good news? You can buy Ford or GM stock for cheaper than a gallon of gas. The bad news? You'd rather have the gas!