Thursday, September 25, 2008

Coupl'a Things VIII

1) The US is becoming the stupid giant of planet Earth: richer than Midas, mightier than the assembled gods, dumber than shit. Which makes the US a danger to the planet -- and to ourselves. This country cannot continue to prosper and to embrace stupidity. The two are fundamentally incompatible.

2) Cole County Persecutor (sic) Mark Richardson is in deep doo doo over guess what?? Child support. Same thing he tried to persecute me over. Hypocritical asshole... hope he rots and loses his job.

3) The new Kansas City Symphony season begins this weekend. Joyce Di Donato performs Chausson's "Poeme D'amour et de la mer". I find the piece rather dense and it and most if not all of Chausson's works are far from my favorites, but Maestro Stern is raving about Joyce so it should be special. Music of Ravel, Diamond and Rimsky-Korsakov are also on the program.

4) Fabulous weather for September. Humidity low, temps in the low 80s, not a cloud in the sky, dewey sweet mornings.... can it last?? I have seen 2 big fat wooly wooly worms... a sign of a hard winter I am told.

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