Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am not surprised, John McCain blamed the Democrats and of course Obama for Congress' failure on Monday to pass the quintillion dollar bailout for the rich and irresponsible.


I suppose that Mc Cain supported the bill I am never quite sure since one wonders sometimes where his mind is at. Assuming you do, Senator Spaz, take a look at this: 140 votes for the bailout came from Democrats... only 65 Republicans supported it, out of 202.

And remember, McCain, up until about two weeks ago, called the economy fundamentally strong. Now it is on the verge of collapse, he can do nothing else but focus on it and of course, he blames everything on Obama. oh no, not Bush, who sits on his throne like the failed jackass he is.

Oh please, my fellow citizens, elect some smart, sincere leadership in November. We are bailing as fast as we can... and still sinking.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. There's a revolt of 30 some-odd conservative columnists who have been actively writing for a month for mccain to ditch palin. She reminds me of a new breed of repub that we need to be aware of: cuddly and likable, nice looking, and seemingly non-threatening. But these same people will cut your heart out and when told about the Constitution, say it's liberal propaganda of some sort. The old Gingrinch/Delay guard are giving way to these next-gen repubs, Mike Huckabee being another. Their shared trait is their folksy idiocy. Thanks to her, at least, the repubs have discovered that there's sexism in the media -- mainly from women reporters, ha!

Watched the debate last night and the lady was green. Hell, she might make a Truman-like prez, but then you cringe when you hear her speak like the president of the local sorority or tupperware chapter, repeating phrase after phrase. biden was equally insufferable, reminding us that senators vote 14 times on any bill, and can honestly say they voted for it 13 times before they voted against it once, or vice versa. I was also surprised of how much of bill clinton's agenda he took personal credit for! I never knew joe biden was clinton's friend.

Anyway, cons want mccain to lose so they can start work on 2012. They figure obama's next four years will be nothing more than presiding over their 8-year shit mountain of debt and war. Remember clinton's first term and hell he endured? He could barely get his nominees confirmed for silly offices! They don't like mccain, and they know palin doesn't have the brainpower. But then I haven't seen a 'smart' repub prez candidate in my lifetime.

Get ready, because here's how the future plays out: obama does his four and loses in a landslide to Michael Bloomberg (NYC mayor), who will run as either an independent or repub in 2012. His VP pick will be from CA so they can eat into that vote and neutralize it. It's 1976 all over again, and god, that was rough. Then came a real dumbass, reagan! Oy.