Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What I am Listening to Today

Two Violin Concerti by the Hungarian composer Ernst(Erno) von Dohnányi, one an early work from 1915 the other from his autumn years, 1949. Both tuneful, well written, compelling in their virtuosity and completely accessible. Violinist Michael Ludwig presents these wonderful works with sympathetic performances. JoAnn Falletta and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra provide a satisfying and elegant accompaniment, with a recording full of presence and excellent sound. These are wonderful, and fulfilling works that should be in the repertory. Cheap as hell on Naxos and available from the usual subjects: CD Universe (with the worst search feature of the three), HB Direct (better) and ArkivMusic (Best search feature by far).

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Anonymous said...

Man, you have good tastes in music! In the 1920 season, Dohnányi played the complete Beethoven piano works. That's about 90 hours of work once through!