Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Critical Issues

Guess I hacked some people off!

On Monday, I posted a 'review" (I am not a professional reviewer and do not claim to be) of the Heartland Men's Chorus' production of Divas! this past weekend. Actually the post was based on a letter I sent to an out of town friend, who because of his situation does not have a computer. I actually liked the show, it was the best drag show I could ever imagine, the chorus in fine form as usual. I guess because I pointed out a couple of issues (both shared by a friend of mine who was there, and yes I did attend the concert) I earned the wrath of some chorus members who felt I should have said this was the concert of the century.

Three comments were left stating in so many words that the posters were glad I was no longer in the chorus. Since they could easily have seen my profile, I assume some know who I am, so I guess I am not welcome there anymore. No big deal, I stick by my comments. Maybe you didn't understand the title, "An Embarrassment of Divas", it is based on the old phrase "an embarrassment of riches".

Criticism is part of the game fellows. I accept the same when I decide to publicly post my blog entries. I have had others disagree with what I have said, sometimes I disagree and sometimes I take their words into consideration. We would all love to hear nothing but "it was better than Cats, I will see it again and again and again", but we don't. If you are going to step out on stage and charge people to see you, you are going to get noticed, good, bad and indifferent.

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