Friday, February 29, 2008

The Screwing Of Missouri Continues Too...

Many people buy both used and new every year completely unaware of concealed damage caused by floods, crashes or factory defects. Many motorists are not aware of the Carfax service that can at least tell you if the car was salvaged, had an insurance claim, etc. But using that service is not fool proof.

So the recourse for the screwed buyer is to sue the dealership or seller for failing to disclose the damage. As it stands now, they can also can go after the auto auction, "chop shop" or whoever sells the lemon to the car dealership as well.

But the wonderful "slap the people in the face" Republos in Missouri, led by the lame Boy Gov, his multi-millionaire pal and benefactor Mike Kehoe, and other car dealers who have wormed their way in to the Missouri legislature want to protect the chop shops from consumers.

Isn't that backwards?

Not to Repubs since Kehoe is a big contributor to the Boy Gov and Republican hack Brian Nieves, the Majority whip who is also a car dealer. They are protecting us, the self centered Nieves said: "holding wholesalers accountable would add thousands of dollars to the price of a used car". He warned that a vote against the bill is "a vote against the consumer."

Why? Why are these people in power? Because we as electorates don't think. Idiots are elected because they are "pro-life" or "pro-gun" or whatever, not because they have their constituents in mind. These are, remember, the same people who slap us down for voting to ban conceal/carry and support stem cell research by later overturning our votes with their own legislation.

Sometimes I wonder how long the US will last before it sinks into banality and mayhem.

Or is it too late?

Don't bother writing your legislator. This bill sailed through the Repub controlled House, only Democrats voted against it. The same will happen in the Senate. It is not about representing us, it is all about toeing the line for the Boy Gov.

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