Thursday, February 14, 2008

Check in NIU Friends

Pato has several readers and friends at Northern Illinois University where the insane gun laws in this country have allowed more to die. Please check in NIU readers. Please, anyone with a mind and heart, vote in leaders who will lead the USA in the direction of the vast majority of the world and ban guns NOW. This stuff just doesn't happen elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

One of your faithful readers checking in from NIU. I am fine, as are my colleagues in the computer science department. We're in shock, of course, but none of us were at the scene. I am hoping all my students are ok. They aren't releasing any names yet.

Thanks for your concern!

Anonymous said...

This just in: there will be no negative stories about guns run in the corporate media! Bush is willing to go to the ends of earth to torture and kill people, but he won't save us from the gun nuts.

We had eight bomb threats at the high school here over the past two weeks in little ol' Rolla, Missouri. Between that and guys killing students, what the hell is going on?