Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Eric Volz Saga Continues

Typical of the screwed up, banana republic mentality of Nicaragua, an appeals court in Granada has overturned Eric Volz's murder conviction. Unfortunately he remains illegally detained because of the passive agressive arrogance of judge who, due to fear and stupidity, convicted him in the first place.

This past Monday the court ruled 2-1 in favor of Eric's appeal, throwing out his murder conviction and ordering his immediate release from prison. However, when his attorney went to the convicting judge, Ivette Toruno, at the appointed time, he was told that Toruno had not signed the release papers and that Toruno had left earlier and was not expected to return until today. He was probably told "manana" which in Nica time means "not now".

I was in San Juan del Sur Tuesday November 21, 2006 when the murder occurred. Eric was not mentioned as a suspect. No one had seen him around. The murder scene was chaos; I know I saw it about an hour after the body was found. Eric was framed, the court ruling a sham of justice. Now the newspapers are demanding "people's justice". I shake my head in disgust.

So Eric sits in prison, the US Embassy does nothing, the rich gringos who were his friends sit and drink and Nicaragua slowly goes back to being a cold, hostile place.

I am supposed to go back this March in what will likely be our last dental trip. Sadly, I can see it being my last trip ever. I just don't feel welcome there anymore.

Keep track of Eric's ordeal at Friends of Eric Volz

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