Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An Open Letter to Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua

Dear President Ortega:

Greetings from the USA, from someone who feels your country is one of the most beautiful on Earth, from someone who loves the stories and songs of your land, from someone who has taken his own time and money to come to your country not just to play and drink but to work side by side with your people on many occasions, from someone who loved to hear the stories from those who marched into Managua in July, 1979 (I still mark the Dia de la Revolucion in my calendar), from a "Gringo Pinolero".

Presidente, of all the world's sins, the one I hate the most is hypocrisy. If you have been a faithful reader of my ramblings, I am sure you have noticed that from time to time. Sadly, Dear Presidente, you have become one too.

Daniel, what are you thinking??

* Elected through a rigged, manipulated election. Come on, you know it is true, you have no mandate, and what really happened to Herty?

* Governing only through a vile and cynical pact with your opposition who raped and pillaged the country and you let go unpunished. After your term, will you let Aleman back to power? Is that part of the deal? To hell with the Revolucion and Sandismo? Is is all about you?

* Allied with Chavez in Venezuela, who is rapidly becoming dictator for life, while nothing good comes to his people. Is that your plan?

* Allied with the crazy man from Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who, Daniel, if you really look would kill your now devout Catholic ass in New York minute, you know.

* Slam the US and Allies in the UN with lines like "US leaders continued to dictate what was right or wrong "as if they were God", while poor countries were still afflicted by "oppression and violence and terror". Who is afflicting the countries with violence and terror? What are you doing to stop oppression of the poor, women and sick in Nicaragua Daniel? Jetting off to Tehran is not helping anyone. Where is all this promised money anyway? I have been hearing for 3 years now that Venezuela is building a new road to the coast. Last time I was there, it was still a dirt track.

I know, Daniel, that the US and the Europe are not without sin. But look at yourself sir. Are you not about empire, power and alliances, and feeling you are right and everyone who thinks different is wrong as well?? Are not your friends Mahmoud and Hugo using money and threats to get what they want? Is it all not the same, no matter which side of the fence you are on?

And when the Hurricane struck, who was first there? US based relief efforts. They didn't ask if the victims were left or right, Sandinista or PLC.

Daniel, what I want is to come to Nicaragua in March 2008 as I always do and see people with work. Healthcare for the poor, roads being built. Promised projects finished. A Justice system that works, I want to see Eric Volz free. See Union Frenosa out. Gringos and Nicas working together for the betterment of the people.

I had hopes, Senor Presidente, that you would come true to your promises, a country run on good solid principles of people power, solid investment leading to good jobs, healthcare a priority, raising the standard of living, ending corruption that drains your economy. Instead, we get ranting, raving and more corruption.

And still the Nicaraguan people pray for a better life and a leader that will make it happen.

Many pray that they will not die of disease and starvation today.

Who caused that? Not I, no one but Nicaraguan politicians who from Somosa on have raped and pillaged this lovely land of gentle people.

Be a new Sandino for them Daniel. Would not that be better than all the gold and riches from Cesar and Mahmoud?

Make me proud to say I am your friend.


Don Clark

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