Thursday, August 02, 2007

Political Transvestite??

The late great Molly Ivins once called political party switchers "political transvestites". They may have switched clothes "to the other side", but underneath was much the same. Is this what is going on with State Sen. Chris Koster from Harrisonville who has switched to the Democratic side from the Republican?

Don't think all Democrats are happy. They remember the years of ridicule from the GOP while Koster was a card carrying member. He certainly never spoke up when Democrats' beliefs, and even patriotism was routinely questioned, simply because they differed from the GOP line. He voted for many of the policies that hurt elderly, workers, poor, disabled, minorities and non traditional families.

See, Koster is a bit of an opportunist. He likely will run for attorney general in the next election and it is speculated had some harder primary opponents in the GOP than he would in the Democratic primary. That earns him the political transvestite label.

But, he did state: “I have consistently for three years tried to push toward the center. At some point, the reality sets in that the (Republican) party belongs to the far right.” He is correct there and of course he is not alone. Other moderate and liberal Republicans have joined him, most notably next door in Kansas, where the GOP is the far right's playground.

For me the verdict is out. I prefer someone who sticks to his guns and knows where he stands, especially in the AG job. But I do welcome him into the party.... for now. He needs to prove that he is a Democrat, one who believes in people and power to the people, and rights for the poor and sick, Gays and Lesbians and believes in positive laws, not more hate filled rights restrictions and throw away the key justice.

Going to be a fun political season.

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