Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Breakfast Jam

As one of the local wags said today, "Bush got his breakfast, we got the jam."

Bushie was in town to speak to his loyal supporters of carnage and war at the VFW convention. Instead of room service breakfast at the Intercontinental Hotel, he had to get his 30 car motorcade out and close down the city at 8am so he could go to the Corner Cafe all the way out in Riverside to meet with a bunch of handpicked rich people. Of course it was the same as the unelected Emperor and War Criminal went back to speak to the VFW where he contradicted himself on Iraq, after expressing frustration at the Iraqi leaders yesterday to day they were great guys doing a hard job... Heck of a job Brownie all over again.

Waste of time, waste of energy and waste of our money. Inconvenience a whole city? Not my problem.

But he left finally, and we the little people are free to go about our business now, Bushie didn't have to see many of us, most were hand picked. The VFW loves him as he promises to be strong and win and rah rah rah! Easy to say, hard to do.

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Anonymous said...

It still stuns me that our traditional media will actively enable the swiftboating of John Kerry and John Murtha, but considers Bush's sketchy, AWOL-littered time during the early 70s as settled.

Being a woman, how will they "swiftboat" Hillary?

Anyway, that these geezers would even invite Bush to talk at their convention makes me want to avoid anything connected with the military.