Thursday, July 05, 2007


Surprised by Bushie’s pardon of his buddy Scooter Libby? I am not, it is just the latest example and likely the epitome of Republican arrogance. If this involved anyone else, Bush would pronounce the sentence as “just’. Where is Bush speaking out on the travesty of Genarlow Wilson, still stuck behind bars in Georgia?? Oh, he is a poor black kid, tough shit. They are so above the law and so damn arrogant that Bush and any of his right wing nuts could attack a day care center and they’d pat themselves on the back for fighting the “war on Turrer” and eliminating a possible “Turrerist” training camp. They could suspend freedoms and liberties of speech, privacy and assembly, cornerstones of our democracy, and FOX news would cheer them on. Insanity.

Bush and his minions (I’ll go as far to include his supporters too) are immoral whores who have sucked the life out of our country and made a mockery of our democracy and institutions. At this point, even a moderate Republican President would be an improvement. Notice how few Repubs are running on Bush’s legacy and record. Those with any hope abandon his record, scattering like roaches. None of them could do the damage that this monstrous regime has done to this country

Thankfully, this unelected gaggle of clowns is drowning in the bullshit they have perpetuated. But at what price and is it too late?? They have pissed on the Constitution, stacked the Supreme Court with cronies, ruined our reputation in the world community, invaded a sovereign country and made personal and political gains at the expense of human lives.

We are for the worse because of it. My “Bush-o-meter” says 564 days left in office. I shudder at the damage that is as yet undone.

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