Saturday, July 21, 2007

Starting Wars

Well, Boy-Gov Mattie Blunt, has managed to piss off Kansans who work in Missouri by signing a bill eliminating the deduction for real estate taxes paid outside Missouri.

People who pay property taxes in another state had been allowed to deduct them from any MO income tax paid. Residents of Missouri are allowed to deduct their in-state property taxes from their income taxes. This mostly affects Kansas as a large number of Kansas City residents work in Kansas. The St Louis metro area also has a large number of Illinois residents working in St Louis.

When asked about this Blunt said his focus was on reducing taxes for residents in his state.

His comments did not play well in Topeka, or Peoria for that matter.

"That's just an example of Gov. Blunt's youth and immaturity on full display," said Kansas Rep. Kenny Wilk, a fellow Republican.

Good going Mattie, you managed to start a war, just like your Uncle GW.

Speaking of GW, did the Doctors who looked at GW's colon (I'd rather look at 10,000 slaughtered Nuns and orphans)find Cheney and Condi Rice up there too?? Just wondering.

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