Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Flooding can be Fun

You kind of wonder who is screwing this lady, referring to Katie Smith, the new Missouri Director of Agriculture. I know that is sexist, but hey.. reality is reality. I worked in state government, it happens.

This is a response from Ms Smith during an interview, I think she has seen a farm but that is about it:

"We started out when we did that flood tour, which was a great way to get out on the road. It was unfortunate — obviously, flooding is devastating, especially to ag. But it was a good way to get out on the road and do a lot of fun things and meet a lot of people... And I think once you start talking to people… they recognize that I do know ag, I’m not totally clueless. And I know how our farm works and I can relate our farm to other farms around the state."

Since when is visiting flood devastation "fun"? And if you have to defend yourself against claims of being clueless, you are Blanche, you are clueless.

Of course, our boy Gov must be drooling over her.

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Anonymous said...

Disasters, death, disease, accidents are always fun for conservatives... as long as it doesn't happen to them! (Now you know why no repub ever signed up to go Bush's war; the same reason they keep telling mothers of fallen soldiers to "shut up" and "get over it.")

Matt Blunt is the Mike Huckabee of Missouri. We truly mirror the nation in that we elect an idiot for eight years, then elect a Democrat to fix the idiot's mistakes just in time to elect another GD'd idiot.

Meanwhile, check out Atrios' running (Tuesday) line of quotes you WON'T see the MSM cover this week over at http://atrios.blogspot.com/