Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Flip Flop

OK, the Republican Spin Doctors (read FOX News) portrayed John Kerry as a "flip-flopper". Remember? Yeah, who doesn't?

But do they kick the ass of Mitt Romney and his back and forth on gay marriage? Is he a liberal Republican or one of the far right ideologues??

Then along comes Michael Bloomberg who for the 2nd time is changing his party affiliation for political expediency. He was a Democrat for ages, changed to a Republican to avoid a nasty primary and thus have an easier time winning the mayoral race in New York City, and now is "unaffiliated" to mount what some say is a 3rd party race for President.

Come on man, if you can't stand for something then get out of politics. Both Bloomberg and Romney remind me of an old joke of a man and wife watching the election returns:

"Who is winning, George?"
"Our side Martha".
"which side is that?"
"The winning one, Martha".

I am sticking with a Democrat. Which one?? Hillary, of Obama....

If they can do can I.

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Anonymous said...

Fox Noise has also stopped covering the war in the past year. Heck, they stopped counting dead soldiers in early 2006! It's the same hypocrisy you see with the whole Scooter Libby thing. The "law" is fine as long as it applies to everyone who doesn't agree with me. Convict one of our own and suddenly it's a travesty, the law "wasn't meant to be applied that way," and so on. Yet for Bill Clinton, "lying" over a BJ from a fat chick was all it took for him to deserve impeachment, jail, bankruptcy, and lose his presidency.

Still I blame our Media Industrial Complex. They were ones who conveniently slide let all of W's cocaine, draft-dodging/AWOL, DWIs, and history of "failing up" and making millions every time another business venture failed. For them, Guiliani is "authentic," whereas Hillary is "strident."

Here's another shining example of the con-rules.