Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bistro 303

A minister told a story that I actually remember. Illustrating what I do not recall, but I do remember the story. He came across the papers and records of a deceased relative that he did not know all that well. Finding the man's checkbook register, he discovered all kinds of things about him; what he liked, events in his life, kids in school, new car, birthdays etc. He learned more about that man looking at that one document than he did anything else he found.

If you looked at my checkbook, you would not see much, I write few checks. But look at my bank statements and my Visa Check Card and all that and you would wonder what Bistro 303 is all about. I have lots of "checks" to them.

Bistro 303 is the closest thing to a neighborhood bar and restaurant that I have ever known. Friendly staff, good food, good drinks; a place where everyone does know your name. Some of the patrons can be a bit surly, some of the more pretentious A-gay folks like to call it home as well. But I do not let them bother me, we just talk about them as they talk about us.

Owners Gene and Jeffrey greet their patrons, join them in a conversation or a drink yet keep the service going. Whether Sunday brunch, weekday dinner, evening happy hour (look for me there every Wednesday 5:15-7 or thereabouts)Bistro 303 always has an interesting crowd. Late night, it is packed and noisy as any bar, before 9PM, the dinner crowd is more genteel.

Sunday brunch is always excellent, the menu changes occasionally. I especially enjoy the wonderful andouille sausage as a side and the always tasty quiche. I, and other patrons, find the biscuits and gravy bland. A few mimosas, the sausage and quiche and I am happy.

Dinner and small plates change more frequently. Enjoy the unusual asparagus flan while you can. More of a souffle than a flan, it is quite tasty and topped with wild mushrooms, most unique. Their fish and chips small plate appetizer is also delightful, never greasy and a crisp, light batter. Outside of the bland gravy described above, I have never had a bad meal at 303.

The bar is well stocked, and even keeps a supply of my favorite Finlandia Mango vodka for me. The drinks are always well made and good sized, reasonable priced for a high end gay bar.

And there lies the question. Is 303 a gay bar, a gay restaurant, a neighborhood bistro, an upscale adventurous restaurant? Frankly, it is all of the above.

Bistro 303
303 Westport Rd
Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 753-2303

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