Friday, April 13, 2007


If nothing else, the recent Duke Lacrosse players' travails has introduced a new word to the American lexicon, "to Nifong". "To Nifong" is similar to "to frame someone" or trump up criminal charges based on circumstantial or even no evidence for political gain. The Lacrosse players were nifonged, big time.

I hope this case brings to light the unchecked, frightening power of persecutors... ooops...I mean prosecutors that have flooded our local governments in the last 20 years since the Reagan invasion and the unelected Bush regime. Just ask David Stagg here in Kansas City, our local nifonged music professor, victim of a made up story and finally exonerated after two costly trials. Or Eric Volz in Nicaragua, nigfonged by a whole country. And unfortunately, it does not matter Republican or Democrat, persecutors.. damn there I go again... feel they have to be tough and aggressive to keep their jobs and feed the gulag of the prisons.

One of the nifonged players Collin Finnerty was never interviewed by Nifong, yet was publicly accused of not co-operating. The case is well documented and I won't go into it here, but suffice to say it was a sordid plot of racial politics, class differences and out of control politics.

Nifong apologized, nice of him. I hope they all sue his ass. Where is the apology from Jesse Jackson and Sharpton, et al?? They are too busy basking in their defeat of Don Imus to apologize. But that is another story of out of control nutcases.

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