Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cruel Spring

On this Wednesday morning, it is raining and somewhat chilly. The rain is welcome for the grass and trees and to wash winter's dirt away, but the chill has not been met with the same enthusiasm.

It has been an ugly spring. The cold snap, albeit not uncommon, came at a most inopportune time. A couple of weeks of 70 and even 80 degree temperatures brought out the tulips and daffodils plus all the flowering trees. Then as if to say "gotcha"!, temps nosedived into the upper teens and struggled to get above 30.

Beds of tulips lay crumpled and forlorn where they fell as if they fought a valiant battle and lost. Trees are strangely bare, blossoms rare as hen's teeth. Just a few scout leaves peer out from the canopy of gray-brown branches, braving what the elements may yet bring and reporting back to HQ. Only the hardy grass is a brilliant green, enjoying the abundant rainfall.

Last Sunday, Easter morning, dawned with temperatures in the teens. Sunrise services canceled or went indoors. Easter Popsicles were as likely to be found as Easter eggs. Mrs. Ford went to church in her fur coat and hat, looking all fluffy and fuzzy. The brilliant sunshine warmed things up a bit, but step out of the sun and the bitter north wind reminded you it still held sway.

We expect 40s and even 30s as high temperatures for a few days. We may see some snow yet. Mr Groundhog, did you do this?? Global Warming?? Hilary Clinton, are you to blame??

I went shopping last night. The 75% off sweaters were popular at Macy's. Some life in them yet this season.

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