Saturday, March 17, 2007

Off To Nica

I am off to Nicaragua again for two weeks, leave Monday AM. I so enjoy this trip. I feel alive, like I am doing something for humanity and showing the world that the USA is not all George Bush and Republican me-first-ism. I personally do not save lives as I have no medical skills. But as the dentists and the dental students work, I make sure their instruments are sterile, thus making sure they do not hurt any one. Maybe in a small way, I do save a life.

Spending a week in Mulukuku is like going back in time. They have electricity now, and communication is easier. It used to be that a week in Mulukuku was total isolation, no news, no papers, if the world ended, we'd be among the last to know. Now that the road is better paved cars and trucks bring papers and news, on the same day! Last year, Enitel had even installed a pay phone. It was not connected, but held promise.

Electricity brought the world to Mulukuku; an enterprising soul set up a dish and created his own cable network. TVs sprouted up, those affording one shared it on the front porch with everyone else. As a devoted non TV watcher (despite owning one and all the 200 channels of cable), it was wonderful not seeing the damn "big glass tit", as my friend Shaun calls it, blaring from the houses.

We take the students down to San Juan del Sur for some sun and fun. I am apprehensive about going there as events of late have soured me on the place. It is lovely, and a great place to rest. I miss the SJdS of the past.

Change does not come easy for me, as you can see. Mostly since most change in my life has usually been for the worse. But it is inevitable, and so is my bitching about it.

This is my last post for a bit, I'll try to get in a post or two from SJdS from the new laptop I am taking down for them. We are frequently mules to carry things from here to there, and this trip is no exception.

At least this time I am not carrying 20 pairs of ladies' shoes and hundreds of loose condoms.

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