Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Finally my dear sister has power. After the ice storm of Wednesday the 29th she got it back sometime this evening. She is not sure when, but her answering machine came on when called at 9:30PM.

It is amazing how we are so tied to our power. We can't function without it. She was going nuts, not so much from the cold but from the lack of TV and communication. I'd be the same without my internet for sure.

Many more still wait for power and the power company is threatening its customers by saying if the states do not give them a big rate hike they want, the service will be worse. Bullshit... it will get worse anyhow, the big wigs will get more benefits and money like all the companies do. The customers will suffer.

Oh, and while most of St Louis froze, Boy Gov was hob-nobbing in Florida with his GOP money men.

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