Sunday, December 10, 2006

New! New! All around NEW!

...and faster than a speeding bullet. That is my new computer processor. My old Dell was getting long in the tooth and slower than molasses in January. Actually, if you look at it, the dang thing did things that a few years ago we could only dream of, but in the scheme of things now, it was slow...and prone to crashing. The old hard drive was getting cranky, the tech who installed my cable internet in early 2005 said it would die any day. She is still going, not dead but a bit feeble.

My friend Michael loves to play with computers so he took his 2 year old HP, added a new bigger hard drive, installed a DVD player, a CD burner, upped the memory (1 gig, my old one had 126mb) and a speedier processor. Mine was a 1Ghz ( the fasted in the world for about 3 seconds in 2000 when I got Mr. Dell) this one is a 3 ghz. Damn she is fast.....

Mr Dell is still around, lots of data and things on it. Eventually it will migrate to my sister's house where I may teach her how to use it and have it around when I visit. Mr Dell has some life left yet. He served me well, and will continue to be a part of my family for sometime to come.

Meanwhile, I LOVE speeding thru the net!

see ya!

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