Saturday, November 18, 2006


San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua 11/18/06

Vacation, what a concept. I have not had a real one in a looooooong time. For the next ten days, no watch, no cell phone, no reality. I even had to ask the waiter here for the date. My adjenda for the day.... swim.... drink, maybe lunch, swim and lay by the pool, swim some more, drink... and then dinner. May go to a party for the local fishing tournament that is held here.

Trip down was good. Delta airlines took good care of us, made good connections and no lost luggage. The pain in the ass security was a pain in the ass and I am certain it will not do much except annoy people... but I complied with their demands and got through ok.

Weather here, upper 80s.. humidity is not bad and there is a breeze.

Well, the pool is calling me.... and a mojito is in order soon. I am too lazy about putting batteries in the camera so look at

Piedras Y Olas

For pictres of where Pato has landed and what I am doing.

Hasta Luego!

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