Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Turn in the Road

Maybe we are on the way to getting our country back. Stopping the gravy train for those who are only looking out for themselves and their narrow interests. Wrenching power from those who want to foist their radical beliefs on everyone. Maybe the poor, the minorities, the gays and lesbians can regain a voice in what is going on. A Democratic House will but the breaks on all the giveaways for the rich and powerful. Maybe now we can have a civilized, rational debate on Iraq, not a slandering of anyone who dares to differ with Bush.

The emperor got his wings clipped. In his press conference today, he sounded flustered, angry and resentful. He has no class, so I did not expect anything else.

The architect of the disaster in Iraq Donald Rumsfeld was the first victim of the post defeat White House. I wonder if more purges are coming... Karl Rove will be there to the bitter end, as will Cheney... Bush can't survive without them.

Here in MO, Jim "No" Talent got his ass kicked, we got stem cell research protection, light rail in KC and a Lesbian in the State Senate. I am proud that the state came to its senses.

My faithful reader Zaine said it with more enthusiasm than I have at the moment, so I'll let him speak for me:

"2004 has been avenged, oh hell yeah! The message of this election is: George Bush, SHUT THE FUCK UP. You're stupid, you're a hateful evangelical nutcase, and everything you've done since 2001 has been wrong. Every single goddamned thing! So sit down, shut the fuck up, and sign whatever Nancy Pelosi puts in front you, bitch!"

My sentiments exactly.

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Anonymous said...

Did you happen to notice that Jim Talent was the ONLY Missouri congressional incumbent who lost? Woohoo!

Something else that was nice to witness was the rejection of the sellout black republicans, all of whom lost their races.

Perhaps we should thank the viagra/oxycontin-soaked brain of Rush Limbag, who by attacking a Parkinson's victim probably goaded enough independents to say "enough" and vote the Democratic ticket. I still say lying about cloning and being against stem cell research is the last irrational position one can take before being escorted to the funny farm.

SPEAKER Pelosi. That sounds good. Another oddity of the election is that the repubs — and the mainstream conservative cable networks — had no one, not a single candidate to cheer for, since the repubs did not take a single contested seat in the entire country! They only managed to hold the California governorship and Frist's seat in Tennessee is all.

I won't expect much in the next two years, but maybe the House and Senate can work around the edges, start cleaning up the budget, solidify net neutrality and privacy issues, while holding enough oversight hearings to paint the repubs and bush as the most corrupt group ever to occupy Washington. Exposing the Halliburton, Exxon, and graft scandals of the past six years would be a great setup for the '08 election.

Final word: Howard Dean's 50-state strategy turned out to be right. He deserves a lot of credit for all the shit the established Dems dumped on his head the past two years.