Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jasper's Restaurant, Kansas City: That's Italian!

There is nothing like a great dining experience and I had one tonight. After our regular Wednesday night happy hour, Michael and I decided we were hungry for some good Italian. There was no hesitation, Jasper's was the only choice. Not that it is the only one in town, God knows there are hundreds. But Jasper's is special. Family owned, been in business 52 years and look at the awards:

  • "Best Italian Restaurant in Kansas City" Zagat
  • "Top Ten Italian Restaurant in America" East-West Network
  • "Distinguished Restaurants of North America" DiRona Award
  • "Most Satisfying Dish of the Year" USA Today
  • "Four Stars" Kansas City Star
  • "Four Diamonds" AAA
  • "One of America's Most Honored Restaurants" Bob Lape, WCBS Radio New York City
  • "A Culinary Delight" Rave reviews for the first chef from Kansas City to the prestigious James Beard House
  • "Silver Spoon Award" Ingram's Magazine
  • "One of America's Top Italian Restaurants"Calvin Trillin-Time Magazine

Emeril Lagasse of TV fame has included one of Jasper's recipes in his show, a pumpkin ravioli. I am not a fan of pumpkin so I did not try it, I am sure for pumpkin fans it is heaven.

In 1954, Leonardo Mirabile and his son Jasper opened
a small neighborhood Italian restaurant and bar named Jasper's. It soon became a popular dining spot. Jasper's gradually expanded its menu and remodeled the restaurant as it evolved into one of America's premiere locations for gourmet Italian food. In 1997, they closed the original location and moved to 103rd and State Line.

Without a doubt this was the best dining experience I have had in a long time. Impeccible service, incredible food. Reasonable but not cheap, the dishes are well proportioned and quite tasty.

I had two desires, both fullfilled. A true anti-pasta with salami and cheese, olives and crostini, some pepperocini and roasted pepper and a beef carpaccio. No problem said Jasper Mirable, Jr. Both were wonderful. The beef carpaccio was not even on the menu. When a restaurant will do that, they have my business for-fucking- ever! My rigatoni with the salsa modo mio was to die for. The pasta was al dente to perfection, the sausage in the light tomato-basil sauce was spicy/sweet and just ...perfection. Michael had Vitello alla Valdostana
Veal filled with Prosciutto di Parma, capers and Fontina cheese in a lemon piquant sauce. It was tender and delicious.

I had a wonderful canolli for dessert and expresso and Michael had cappuccino with a coconut cake. Both just perfect.

Damn, I am happy.

Jasper's Restaurant and Marco Polo Italian Market
1201 W. 103rd St KCMO 64114

Can't be beat.

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Your blog is hazardous to my diet! This is the second time this week you have led me into temptation!!!