Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pastrami Musings

I didn't eat breakfast today, so the Aunt Jemima stayed on the shelf. I did indulge in lunch, my favorite lunch meat, pastrami. Nothing like a good pastrami on rye with mayo (my own home made) and good crisp pickles... Anyway, here are my musings for the day, this time under the influence of pastrami.

1) I live in a nut house. The everyone is in fight mode at the Towers. They are divided over some legal addendum to the deed to the building that designates the balconies as repsonsibility of the owners. Just to be jerks, two owners are refusing to sign. Therefore, the dungeon will remain a hole in the ground. Rich people are so petty.

2) Puzzling is the accident in Brazil involving a Gol Airlines Boeing 737-800. The plane is two weeks old with less than 200hrs on the airframe. It supposedly collided with a new biz jet being delivered to the US from Brazil's Embraer company. The 737 crashed, the Embraer landed but no one can confirm if it was involved or not.

3) Tonight is the opening night at the Lyric Opera of Kansas City. Madame Butterfly is the fare. I am going and not working the Ingram Room as usual. Scott has an extra ticket. Look for a full review.

4) Our cold snap is gone, it is warm this PM and supposed to be in the 70s-almost 90 this week. Fall and all its mess has been postponed a week or so.

Damn I love pastrami.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, with swiss, hot mustard, and horseradish.

Darn, now I'm hungry, and the deli is closed!!

Don said...

Of course there was swiss and a bit of horseradish, but just regular gray poupon mustard... and leaf lettuce.

Can't get enough!

Anonymous said...

Hm, you're trying to make pastrami healthy! Not gonna happen - the good stuff has plenty of fat, er, marbling in it. There's not enough lettuce on earth to compensate!

Oh well, once in a while you just have to indulge in the good stuff.

And the deli is closed on Sunday, so I have to wait til tomorrow to indulge. Saturday night is NOT a good time to start obessessing about pastrami!