Thursday, September 07, 2006

Are We Safer??

Bushie boy says we're safer now that he is here in charge of the war on "turrer". A St Louis Post Dispatch Poll disagreed. Polls have shown that the Bush regime is trusted only by only 5 percent more of those surveyed than Democrats to handle terrorism In August 2002 the Republicans had a 25 percent advantage. A Newsweek poll shows that 63 percent of those surveyed believe Iraq had not made us safer from terrorists.

Bushie has began to compare his war in Iraq to that of the Cold War and even WWII and the struggle to topple the Nazi regime. What a concept. Taking that logic, the WWII Allies would have invaded Argentina first and made sure the population there would not support the Nazis when they were defeated. Or the real threat to the world in the Cold War was Sweden, those damn liberal socialists.

I don't feel safer. Most of the world fears Bush more than Ben Laden.... Let's hope for a regime change.... here.

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Anonymous said...

I wish bush would stop making his daily speech in front of any goddamn veteran or military organization he can find. For a guy who went AWOL when it was his turn to serve, they sure love him.

- There's more terrorists than ever;
- Iran is going fully nuclear and we can't stop them even if we wanted to;
- Same for North Korea;
- Afghanistan is back in Taliban control, and Pakistan is playing Bush and Condi like a fiddle;
- We're spending $16 billion/month to die in Iraq for their civil war;
- bin Laden is laughing his ass off, knowing that he accomplished more than he ever dreamed; and
- we have a brain-dead idiotic fool for president who wasn't elected twice.

I want economic safety, and more and more the only way to get that is to be one of those astronomically lucky lottery winners.

My eight-year nightmare continues....