Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Half-dozen Random Saturday Thoughts over Pancakes

Just about every Saturday AM I make pancakes (Aunt Jemima Complete, I never have eggs for milk around) for breakfast. As I enjoyed them, my wacky mind was chewing on these thoughts:

1) Let's keep Pluto as a planet, even if that means we expand our solar system from the traditional 9 to 100 or more. I am no scientist, but reading some of the articles on the issue, taking away Pluto and thus narrowing the definition of a planet makes less sense than realizing that there may truely be 100s of celestial bodies orbiting the sun. Besides, Pluto has a great name, was discovered by a Kansas Farm boy and has been around for a while now. Leave Pluto in peace!

2) I am befuzzled by the Jon Benet Ramsey confession. I am even more befuzzled that this is more news than the continuing crimes of George Bush.

3) The Queen Mary, my 1988 Lincoln, is now whole again. Her AC went out a few weeks ago. Foolishly, she got the wire leading to the power for the AC clutch caught in her clutch belt and tore the wire. The resulting trauma took out a couple of relays and the switch in the evaporator. It was necessary to replace the wire, whereupon we found the relay to be an issue. The new (junk yard vintage) relay was apparently bad, so that was fixed and then the switch would not hold. Also repaired was her balky front window. So now, everything works..... this week.

4) Only 884 days to go until GW is out of the White House. Can hardly wait, but unfortunately the damage has been done.

5) Speaking of sleezy Republicans, seems the mayor of St Peters Mo, an up and coming young Republican, got caught taking bribes. Shades of Adam Taff here in KC and probably our own Boy Gov, who just has not been caught yet. Another one down.

6) If I were made absolute ruler of the world, I would ban all religion as I think it is the most negative force in the planet today. Thus, past fighting over fantasy and silly ideas of eternal life and 10,000 virgins at your disposal after you are dead, we could make some progress in fixing this damaged orb... and not end up like Pluto.

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Anonymous said...

Six blog entries in one! What's up with AC wiring these days? Renee's continues to bite the dust, and we have this thing fixed every other year. My truck's AC switch dies every summer too.

Karl Marx was onto something about religion. Perhaps today he'd add TV to the masses' drug cabinet. Banning religion would only encourage scientific thought, then we'd either be moving toward a Gene Roddenberry/Star Trek world (one not based on oil and wars for oil) and Kansas and Utah would be swallowed up by the dinosaurs, or we'd have to get accustomed to peace and increased social spending.

When you read the religious beliefs of those who follow the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, you begin to see how silly god-belief really is anymore. They even wrote a letter to the State of Kansas to ask if they'd include their version of creationism. See for yourself and laugh: