Saturday, July 08, 2006


The Muslims are whining again. I thought my former neighbor's dog in St Louis could whine, but she has nothing on the Muslim community. Incredibly, on the one year anniversary of the London bombings where bombs exploded on three underground trains and a bus in London, killing 52 and injuring hundreds, British Muslims say they have been treated with anger and suspicion, and that the whole community is being blamed for the actions of four individuals. The investigation concluded that the blasts were the work of four suicide bombers, members of Britain's Muslim community, not immigrants but born and raised there.

And that is sad in a way, of course the whole community is not to blame. But the Muslim community continues to offer its "we condemn this act, but...." routine. Excuses, excuses. The War in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestinians, the Muslim youth are alienated.... on and on. None of that excuses the killing of innocent lives. If the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is to be settled, then the Muslim world must curtail its desire to kill the rest of the world and stop the support of terror. If the Muslim world is poor, then the rulers of the Emirates and Saudi Arabia can forgo buying fleets of aircraft, building the world's largest shopping mall and largest buildings and prop up their economy. If the youth are alienated, it is due to Muslim immigrants intransigence to assimilate in the culture.

A dear friend of mine accepts all the excuses of the Muslim world without question. I told him, "dear... you are gay and a Christian clergy. They would lop your head off first." It did not seem to phase him.

The sides must meet in the middle. The West needs to look at some of the root causes of the hatred and the Muslims must be rational and put their hate aside and look at their own record. Stop blaming, stop excusing, be sincere. Maybe a step to peace will occur. Imagine that.

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Steven Imparl said...

Thanks for your insightful post here. It is easy for anyone, including Muslims, to point fingers and make excuses. However, your post reminded me of the words of Sy Miller and Jill Jackson:

"Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me."
(emphasis mine)

That's the only way it is going to happen: if each of us makes it happen.