Monday, July 03, 2006

Surprise Phone Call

I got a telephone call from my 22 year old son Daniel. He is a good kid, smart in a common sense way and has been enjoying himself by working in a music store and playing with his locally successful band.

So as I am walking in the grocery store Sunday eve, my cell rings and it is Daniel.

"Where are you dad?"
"Going in to the grocery store, why?"
"I have something to tell you"
"Stephanie and I are engaged."

Fainting sounds....

Gotta hand it to him, he picked out a ring, arranged a dinner at a wonderful restaurant in St Louis, took her to the theatre to see his obsession "Phantom of the Opera" (he must have seen it 5-6 times that I know of) and proposed to her in the lobby of the Fox theatre after the show.

The girl was silly and said yes.

They are both smart young people. She works for Nordstrom's as an apprentice buyer after getting a degree in Fashion Marketing, Daniel runs the band instrument department of a branch of the Brook May's Music Co in Columbia, MO. He can transfer to a branch in St Louis if there is a position. They want to get married in St Louis and live there, which is fine with me.

I guess I am going to a wedding this time next year.

Or maybe not, I offered Puggles as a flower girl and he said no. If she is not invited then I won't be there! There, we have the first crisis!

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