Thursday, July 13, 2006

Roux Roux!!

I offered to host a small birthday gathering for my church and Pub buddy Bruce at the pool at the Towers. I thought wine, cheese, etc....

Well.... my friend Michael told everyone "Don makes the best gumbo. I have had gumbo in New Orleans and Ricky (his late partner) lived in Bossier City, LA and he even said Don's gumbo was superb". "Hey Don, make some gumbo..."

So I did.

Scene: Michael came by with the wine and beer just as I was finishing the gumbo. I am in the kitchen....

"Come on baby...uh-uh.... coooooooome on... that's it yeah Yeah YEAH... come on baby.... (strange bumping banging sounds in the background), you can do it....a little more....more... coooooome on... that's it... whoa... yeah.... Oh yeah YEAH....YEAH (going on for about 5 minutes now) yeah.... oh yes yes YES YES!!!! OH OH OH!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS. YEAH!!! NOW!!! DAMN!!!"

Michael: Can I ask what you are doing in there????? (looking cautiously around the corner)
Pato(Dripping with sweat and a smile to light up the world): My roux turned out PERFECT!

Such is the life of a gumbo maker.

The world of Roux

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