Monday, July 31, 2006

Paranoia Epidemic

Paranoia?? Checking the license plates of those who come in your subdivision. Is all of suburbia that paranoid? Hell, a murderer can live there but a sex offender? HORRORS!!!

We are so paranoid anymore.

St Louis Post Dispatch


Anonymous said...

And the most ridiculous part is that the sex offender registries don't distinguish between predators that snatch kids off the streets and the middle aged guy that got caught at 18 having consensual sex with his 16 year old girlfriend!

Don said...

Thanks for your comment. My point exactly. I'd be more concerned if I had a murderer or even a violent crime such as assult than a sex offender. I am certainly not supporting sex offenders and am not one myself, but it seems that I have a good chance of being one these days. As does anyone for that matter.

Prosecuters find the cases easy to prosecute and score points politically. They have the population running scared that every neighbor is a pervert. There needs to be some sanity.

Anonymous said...

Apparently this is the rage on TV lately. I think it's NBC? that keeps running the entrapment show where they solicit men to come to a suburban house to meet a 14-year old girl or boy and then surprise them on camera.

It's a pretty fucking sick trick in my opinion. Offer a drug addict drugs and then get righteous when they partake. I'm much more concerned with corporate criminals who repeatedly steal your property, taxes, retirements, wages, and culture.

But you won't see GE-owned NBC (or any other corporate media) running that story!