Monday, July 10, 2006

Conservative Anger

Bill McClellan is just about my favorite columist with the exception of the brilliant Molly Ivins. Bill's column in today's St Louis Post Dispatch is a must read:

Bill McClellan: What have conservatives got to be angry about?

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Anonymous said...

Bill makes a good point, but wait until January 2009, when ALL of Bush's mistakes will suddenly be laid at the feet of the next prez.

Like Hillary, he was gung ho for the Iraq War and wrote several columns ripping people like me who said "Wait a minute, what's Iraq got to do with terror?" He was also shredding Jean Carnahan in her columns to the point that she bowed down and voted for Bush's budgets and Patriot Act, and as we know got summarily sent back to Missouri for being a republican in disguise.

When I wrote to him and ask if anyone in his family is willing to fight Bush's war and is he willing to write similar anti-war columns when this whole thing goes south and he's proven wrong, he just responded with one line: "We'll just have to disagree on this point."