Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One Man's Opinion

When discussing the "controversy" of gay marriage my friend Shannon had this to say:

"Throughout my entire childhood, I was beaten, tortured, abandoned, neglected and simply abused. (this is no exaggeration ~ Pato) These crimes were perpetrated by my birth parents foster parents and adopted parents, all heterosexual married couples.

But I had a couple of gay friends and a lesbian couple who were always there for me. They gave food, shelter and clothes to the poor abused kid. Why? Because they cared and because they wanted to. Those who abused me were paid to take me and spent the money on themselves. My friends spent their own money to help me, never asking a thing in return from me.

In my opinion, sexual orientation should not be a basis for denying adoption. Heterosexuals are more than capable of abusing children, and I am sure the statistics show that. Had my non-heterosexual friends been given custody of me, things might have been a whole lot different for me. I could keep a job, I could stop trying to kill myself, I would not be in prison for the 4th time."

Need anymore convincing?


Anonymous said...

In his case, yes. Child abuse, like rape, is not merely a crime toward the body, but a crime of one's mind. Every person, er kid, who has been abused carries that baggage with them for life, whether they repress it or not. I grew up in a violent household where if Dad didn't hit or beat us senseless, my mom did it for him — and we were LITTLE kids, not teens or even pre-teens!

And she wonders why I hate her and don't visit. That childhood pain and trauma sensitized me — perhaps overly — toward others' pain, be it a gay taking tired verbal jokes, or someone making a joke about hurting a cat or dog. To this day, such things enrage me. I presume (I don't know) that gays are sensitized in similar ways.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and as for mom's cruelty (Dad is dead now), I choose not to "get over it."