Saturday, June 03, 2006


I got invited to go to Jazzoo!, an annual fundraiser for the Kansas City Zoo. On the hoity-toity scale of fundraisers, this one is definitely middle brow. The Hoity-toityist of fundraisers are by invite only to the elite of the city. Jazoo! is not cheap (basic tickets are $175/person) but open to any who plunk down cash. They also sell t-shirts and ball caps (yes I bought one of each), definitely low brow.

My friend Mike got the tickets from his sister who got them from her employer, the candy company Russell Stover. He kindly invited me and I decided to go for the heck of it. The dress code was "creative black tie", Mike said since I had a tux, I was a prime candidate. The edict of "creative black tie" aroused my curiosity so I asked my neighbor (who goes to the higher level hoity-toity events) if he had any interesting accessories for a tux. As luck would have it, he had a leopard print tie and cummerbund. His collection of old jewelry produced a suitably gaudy brooch for my lapel. When I mentioned I was going to a friend, he informed me that a lot of the attendees wore shorts. Hello! Permission granted.

So here I had my tux jacket and ruffled shirt with studs, leopard accessories and khaki shorts and my Nica-made sandals. All fit for a Jazzoo.

When I arrived at Mike's his look was one of astonishment. "You did bring pants I hope?" NOPE! I replied. He was not amused but the others in the group that went with us told him to just get over it. As it turned out, most of the other men that attended followed my lead and I fit right in. It was Mike and Bruce in their long pants who looked out of place.

There was tons of food and drink, (good margaritas, horrid mojitos) and dancing and fun. I had a great time on someone else's largess. It was comforting to know the proceeds would help provide food and such for the zoo citizens.

I guess getting to go to a middle-hoity event is a start. But rich people pretty much annoy me so I'll stick to the low class. I had just as much fun at Davy's Midtown Rambler's Club with Ross and Jeff and Barb. That is even lower than low brow.

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