Friday, May 12, 2006


...over used phrase I know, but it is true. Despite many of the denizens of The Towers being away, it has been a long and busy week. I just always seem to find myself coming and going...always something to do, something to check, someone wanting something.

We finally got the garden settled...somewhat. The trees that were stupidly planted too close last year have mostly died so they need replaced. Mr L wants new trees up front, disregard the disintegrating sidewalk. Our lawn people suggest something else, but L is a know-it-all so we will do as he wants, even if wrong.

The light in the elevator is out, but has been fixed, waiting to be put up. I do not do electricity. And since I can't use our handyman anymore (for some unknown reason... stupidity I am sure) the elevator remains spookily dark.

This week I uncrated marble, moved in boxes, bitched at the lawn people, mopped floors, watered plants, filled the pool everyday, sorted mail, went to Savannah to do an inservice for La Verna Village, went to a concert, ate Mexican food with Barb and Thai with Greg, moved hibiscus all over the place, took out trash, moved boxes too and fro, dusted things, picked up the trash of the filthy citizens of the neighborhood, vacuumed, swam a few times, put chlorine in the pool,went to the hardware store a few times to get stuff, went to the chiropractor, unlocked and locked the doors every AM and PM to keep the rif-raff out, listened to Mrs F go on and on (she spilled a cup of coke in her car and shorted out the electronic gear selector, she is a menace), went to Heartland Men's Chorus rehearsal, got letters from my prison friends Rolf, Michael and George, sent some word and sudoku puzzles to Cathy, and took Puggles on several walks. I am sure I did more, but that sums it up.

I was going to fix myself a nice dinner tonight, but after HM's Pugwalk..I decided to bake a frozen pizza... the refreshing Nica Libre (Flor Di Cana rum, coke and lime) made it all tolerable.

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