Saturday, April 29, 2006

Creature Comforts

I have laughed my ass off at a BBC America show "Creature Comforts". I found it by accident as I was sitting with my friend Greg who is recovering from surgery at home. It features interview responses from common British citizens but spoken on screen by a variety of animals including bats, walruses, slugs, mice, pigs, amoeba, horses, cows and everything inbetween. The BBC America link above has some great clips and info on the show.

My favorite scene was a housefly discussing his favorite types of dung. Right after that, a spider was interviewed (complete with a microphone pointed at her) saying she didn't trap flies, "flies eat poo, and I don't like poo". Imagine this in a Monty Python Old English lady voice...

You gotta see it. The link has times when it is shown.

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