Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bush Rants

Been awhile since I bashed the Emperor, so here are a couple:

Day 1, "Conserve". Day 2: Fly in a jet all over the country with a motorcade of Suburbans and limousines.

In his state of the union address President Bush said America is addicted to oil. He should know. In order to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, maybe the Emperor can set an example by staying in Washington more. Or maybe even Texas. When he flies around the country boosting his agenda, he not only uses Air Force One but usually a C-5 or two accompany him. His useless jaunts for staged, invitation only events consumes vast quantities of fuel and energy... at tax payers expense. When people are deciding between staying warm or eating, it's time to tell him to go home and stay home.

I also noted his hypocritical attendance at Coretta Scott King's funeral. Could you just hear the dialog on that one?? "Do I have to??" he whines. "She is for justice, inclusion and for poor people, things I can't stand. She is a Democrat likely, and there will be gay people there...oooh I might get AIDS.."

Bet the jerk was squirming the whole time.

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