Thursday, July 22, 2010

Number 1001

In March 2009, I posted that I was going to shut down Puggingham Palace when I hit 1,000 posts. (777 Down). A discussion of doing it right then and there led to cries of "I'll miss you"..."Don't"...

So I kept my word and kept up until my 100th post "The Caddies Come to Town" on July 17th.

But does # 1001 mean Puggingham Palace may live on? Maybe.

I am not abandoning everything, but don't look for a lot of regular updates. No more "Coupl'a Things", recipes, updates on the garden, reports from the Palace and I am certainly leaving the political ranting to the rest of you... you are doing a good enough job anyway.

So, what of the future?

Probably music and concert reviews which I also post at the Classical Music Guide so I will just come here and post the same thing. If there are exciting events, things I just have to say, some things to share... I'll likely post. I am not taking Puggingham Palace down, so it will be here to browse through or for people to find on search engines.

Thus I bid all farewell for a while. Keep checking or do an RSS subscription, friend me on Facebook or email at

We'll be in touch!

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