Friday, June 18, 2010

Marvin Parker Memorial Garden 2010

The Marvin Parker Memorial Garden is in full bloom this season. Many of the same gardeners returned from last year and some new ones added as well.

This year, Greg and the Parker sisters worked on getting a flower garden started on the slope heading up to the garden proper. The Parker Sisters' flowers are filling up the east slope:

Each gardener has a plot if they want or can help with the chores and take from the community plots. This is a garden of lettuce and broccoli towards the front of the garden. Several gardeners have harvested some early broccoli, some let it go to seed not paying attention.

Sue has a nice stand of bush beans this season!

My string beans are heading up the pole. These were from seeds from last year's beans.

I am trying fennel this year. Growing like a weed, but I know not a thing about it. On the bottom of the picture are my peppers, I have picked 3 already this season. You may see some thin, blade-like plants between the frilly fennel fronds and the eggplant. Those are leeks... I hope.

These are the start of a whole field of eggplants in my plot. I have regular size and some of the Chinese ones as well.

Not pictured are some Italian bush beans, some shallots and a lone Roma tomato plant that came up volunteer from last year.

So far plentiful rain has fallen in between plentiful sunshine so we are hoping for a bountiful year again this season.

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