Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Got the Don't Feel Good, Vapo-Rub, Sarah Palin on TV, Blogging Blues

For the last week, I have felt like... well shit, frankly. The annual cold/bronchitis attack has occurred, although a bit later than normal. I do manage to get out a bit, but that entails a quick return home and an immediate hop in bed. Not conducive to blogging, doing laundry or other routines. My GOD!, even my bed was unmade for 2 days... a world record. But I have managed to keep the TV off; it has not been on this year. And with that ass Sarah Palin now on FUX News, there is even less incentive to turn it on and perhaps accidentally see her silly face or hear her spout lies and nonsense,. That, sadly, is what goes for "news" these dark days.

To add further insult to illness, I found Vick's Vapo-Rub does not smell like it used to. In fact there is no scent at all. Maybe I got a defective jar, but the shit is useless if it doesn't permeate your room with that camphor aroma that reminds me of my mom taking care of me when I was a boy.

And for those looking for my comments on the KC Symphony performance last week, I was really sick then and missed the whole thing. I would not have heard a note anyway, my coughing, hacking and sneezing would have had me evicted post haste!

Anyhoo... I am being lazy, albeit on the mend, and decided that today I would share an incredible blog entry from my friend Megan. She and her mom are on a journey to sample churches big and small all over the KC area. We all used to go to a nice, small church but that has been destroyed by fighting, jealousy and power. Megan and Amy infiltrated one of the more notorious mega-churches in KC and came away with a disturbing report on why the US is so fucked up. People flock by the thousands to hear crap that makes them feel good and superior, gives simple answers to complex questions and entertains them for a while with Hollywood slick productions. No wonder FUX News, Tea Parties, hypocrisy and lying are so popular.

Megan, you and your mom are brave souls! Thanks (in advance) for letting me link your blog!


Megan Highfill said...

Thanks for the plug, Don!

tanner said...

Wishing you well, dear. Hope your feeling better soon.
Hug, hug, kiss, kiss