Monday, December 07, 2009

Coupl'a Things XXIX

1) Rachel Maddow sets the record straight about the nut-case Republican "teabaggers".

Teabagging: Trouble Entendre!

Wouldn't it be hilarious to see Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh at a Tea Bag Party. Well...maybe not.

2) Last time I did a Puggingham Palace review of a Heartland Men's Chorus concert and didn't say that everything was fabulous-perfect, I got a slew of hate mail. So I am simply saying: I saw the HMC Christmas Concert "Fruitcake" this weekend. Leave it at that.

3) Christmas music is on full time at the Palace. HM enjoys the nice tunes and snores peacefully along. "White Christmas" accompanied by pug snores is a sound to behold, for sure.

One disc that is on frequently is:

Symphonic reworkings of familiar and some not so common carols. Cleverly and actually brilliantly arranged, well performed and several steps above the average symphonic carol arrangements that are more muzak than serious compositions. Naxos 8557099 and it is cheap too!

4) It seems the Episcopals have elected another gay bishop, this time a lesbian in Los Angeles. The conservatives are already screaming doom and the boob of an Archbishop of Canterbury is doing his usual hand wringing and sighing.

I love it.

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