Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Flight

At the end of each of the Bullwinkle the moose episode, the narrator would implore us kiddies to wait for the next adventure: "Be with us next time for 'Bullwinkle's Folly' or 'As the Moose Turns', something like that.

In that spirit I title this post "First Flight" or "About Damn Time". Hopefully today, around 12noon CST, the long delayed Boeing 787 Dreamliner (or Nightmareliner as it has been called) will make its first flight, nearly 2 years off schedule.

Boeing plans on streaming the event online: Boeing's new Plane

The 787 is chock full of new technology, light weight composite construction and greater passenger room and nice big windows. A runaway seller, 840 some are scheduled to be built; alas some orders were canceled due to the delay and airline finances. We should have been able to fly on one by now, as deliveries were originally scheduled in 2008. Now, with first flight approaching, we can hope for 2010 deliveries.

I plan on watching the show at noon, provided Seattle's weather holds. Sadly right now, it looks pretty iffy and the whole show maybe postponed due to weather.

'Look Bullwinkle, a message in a bottle."
'Fan mail from some flounder?"
"No, this is what I really call a message"....

Stay tuned kiddies!

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