Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Many in KC are in an uproar. Letters are being written, boycotts planned, discussion about the issue is everywhere. Defensive press releases are being published, editorials written, names are being called, and fashionistas are criticizing.

So what has a good percentage of this fair (?) city up in arms?

An injustice??? like a kid only serving 4 mos in prison for a deadly drunken hit and run because he is from a rich family and the judge was an idiot who laid part of the blame on the person who was killed.

City schools spending more and more money on less students with poor results?

A mayor who seems to spend most of his time saying stupid things and relying on his wife to run the city?




MO Republicans killing a healthcare plan for uninsured that would have cost us nothing just because it helps the poor?

Dirty streets?

More intrusive red light cameras and still the police take forever to answer a 911 call?

None of the above.

A local TV station interrupted the Tony awards for severe weather and people think it went on to long and that the storms were no where near KC. (Never mind that the storms were in the service area of the station).

I kid you not.

My wish? That these folks would channel their energy and anger into just one of the issues I mentioned besides Katie Horner's broadcast or her hairstyle. Just think of what we could accomplish.

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