Friday, June 12, 2009

Marvin Parker Memorial Garden VII

Plenty of rain and cool weather combined with just enough sunny days and warm sun has added up to a great garden season so far. I have harvested some early onions and a couple of peppers. Others have had spinach and lettuce. 4 eggplants were recently added to my little plot. The community okra, squash, corn, beans and tomatoes are looking great. I waddled over to the garden for a little noon time break and took a few shots:

1) My plot with the tomatoes (Roma and Heirloom) in front, the peppers are shy in the middle but the onions and the new eggplant take up the rear.

2) My plot looking south:

3) Cole slaw anyone?? (not mine darn it)

4) This little bugger is all mine!

5) The Romas are starting to form! Anyone want some???

6) South side of Garden:

7) The community corn. Has to start going to be knee high by the 4th of July!

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