Friday, April 03, 2009

Marvin Parker Memorial Garden II

The garden continues to take shape. An early dose of spring has been replaced with a dose of late winter, but that has not impeded progress in setting out early vegetables and getting the soil prepared for planting.

Since this picture was taken a couple other plots have been worked. Mine is the stringed off one right behind the raised, covered bed. To lazy to look for my plot map, but someone was sure ambitious, not sure who. You can't tell, but the front 1/2 of mine (to the north, or right of the page) is planted with onion bulbs. I noted in a quick visit this AM that I have a few onions beginning to peek out of the soil. I am sure some warm weather will spur a few more to start to sprout.

The raised area in back of the garden (top of the picture) is where the okra will go, it flourished there last year and hope it does so this year as well.

Here is another overview:

Despite the cool weather, we have had plenty of moisture, some quickly melting snow and a few good steady rains. I have fertilized and worked the already rich soil, thus expectations are high for a good crop this year.

Thanks to Greg for the pictures (and the whole idea and land for the garden too!)

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