Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coupl'a Things XIV

1) To Attorney General Eric Holder, who is whining about Americans being "cowards" in discussing race. What a self serving little rant. Race has been talked to death, frankly, few societies have ever had has frank and open discussions. Why not move on to more pressing justice issues? Gay and Lesbian rights, the overwhelming use of the death penalty, more people incarcerated than in all of the countries of the European Union, treatment of the mentally ill as criminals, reasonable sex offender laws, reintegration of inmates, prosecutorial misconduct and the over all feeling among many that the justice system takes care of its own and functions to make government money and to advance lawyers' and politicians' careers?

These have to be addressed and are not talked about at all.

2) Speaking of money makers, KC has installed its first red light cameras. I now avoid 39th and SW Trafficway like the plague. Police are thrilled, more donut time.

3) RIP, Wendy Richard, better known as Miss Brahms from the long running British comedy show Are You Being Served?. Richard was 65 and died after a year long cancer battle. She was a fixture of British TV, also starring in the long running "East Enders" show. She was most known across the pond for her role as the cheeky Miss Brahms, the Junior clerk in the ladies department at Grace Brothers on AYBS.

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