Saturday, February 14, 2009

Coupl'a Things XIIa

1) So much for Bipartisanship in the new administration. Republos are just as nasty, regressive and fond of gridlock as always. They created the mess we are in, starting with Reagan and provide the same old tax cuts for the rich so it will trickle to the masses. Luckily, the Obama administration has enough votes to push it through.

2) Keep my dear friend Greg in thoughts and prayers. He had to have emergency surgery yesterday for ruptured diverticulitis. Nasty, painful... has a colostomy for at least 3 months. Yuk. Nothing goes well for him, healthwise. He has had 3 operations in 3 years, I have never had a one. Been in the hospital at least that many times... I was last in when I was 6 or 7. When hospitals had wood floors and nurses with caps.

3) Broccoli and Stilton Cheese soup. YUM! Who said English and cuisine were mutually exclusive concepts. Here is an easy recipe from Cook UK. Stilton (an English bleu) is frightfully expensive, but has an unique flavor. You can substitute a good bleu.

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