Friday, January 16, 2009

Chills Down the Spine

With death, injustice, war, famine and poverty running rampant, a local "Christian" decides to show his faith by making a royal to-do over a couple Buddhist statues at the Kansas City Zoo.

The man stated he felt a "chill down his spine" during an outing to wicked, infidel KC with his Cupcake land family.

Further making him boil, he watched as zoo visitors rubbed the heads and pot bellies of the two smiling statues located at the entrance of the Zoo's Tiger Trail. “We can’t have a cross or a nativity scene on public property,” he complained to zoo officials, “It is phenomenal to me that the zoo would put up Buddha statues.”

Guess what, Boo-Boo, they ain't even Buddhas! According to a local Buddhist leader, the statues are the common Ho Tai, the patron saint of children in China and Japan. Ho Tai is more like Santa Claus than a deity. He is also revered as being the patron of bartenders and restaurants, just look for him the next time you go to any Asian restaurant. Besides, the local Lama reported, Buddhists do not think of Buddha as divine, he was a simple human mortal who learned the secret of enlightenment and shared his philosophy with others.

So it goes, another "Christian", offended by all he sees, his narrow interpretation of the world scaring him to death. If this man felt a chill down his spine over a statue at a family oriented establishment, and felt he had to do something about it in the name of Jesus, then what does he do when he sees the homeless, war, unemployed, hungry, injustice... things that really send a "chill down your spine". So my friend, you might want to open your eyes and express your outrage at what is really going on in this world (or better yet act upon it) instead of complaining about a statue at a zoo.

Jesus would really be pleased then.

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