Monday, September 15, 2008

Wedding Bells VI: Epilogue

I finally could not stand it. The Flightaware program showed that Delta flight 370 from Managua to Atlanta had arrived. Ok... time to get out of the plane, through customs and luggage and all the nightmare that is Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Did they make the flight, did they get to Managua on time for an 8am departure? That means getting up in the middle of the night. I could not stand it, so I called. Daniel answered. YAY! They were "home" or at least most of the way there. They were on the train that connects the terminals so they must have had an easier time than Bruce and I did in March.

Yep, I worry a lot. It is a family tradition, my mom never told her mom what was going on and I never told my mom a lot, as she constantly worked herself into a tizzy over what might happen.

Daniel called me back when he could hear me better. Sounds like they had a great time, no disasters, no major hassles. Saw most of San Juan del Sur, met Marie, drank and ate to their hearts' content. A respite from the reality.

I can breathe now, they are back, the Delta MD90 got them from Atlanta to St Louis as it should.

Reality beckons them as it is does us on this finally sunny Monday AM. Work, bills, dealing with people, problems to solve, minefields to negotiate.

Why can't we all have a perpetual honeymoon??

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