Sunday, July 27, 2008

What I am Listening to Today

The second new recording by the Kansas City Symphony is garnering some great reviews. I can not add much more to the positive review of the disc on ClassicsToday. Surprisingly great sound considering it was recorded in the cavernous Community Of Christ Auditorium (formerly the RLDS Auditorium) in Independence. I was worried about the sound being scattered and "boomy" from the large space, but the Reference Recording engineers know their stuff and turned out a well recorded disc.

The order of the two Sibelius suites was reversed, intelligently, to make a more satisfying whole from the short interludes and atmosphere pieces that comprise the incidental music to "The Tempest". The Sullivan is a fine example the composer's craft and one of his earliest works. He gained immortality, for those not familiar with the music, as the musical half of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Available at the usual suspects, ArchivMusic, HB Direct , or CD Universe.

Music for Shakespeare's "Tempest"
Sir Arthur Sullivan
Jean Sibelius
Michael Stern, Kansas City Symphony
Reference Recordings RR115

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